Redefining The Workplace

Tough, Durable, Comfortable

WORKARMOR, designed with patented SWX™, protects against Tear, Puncture, Flame, Cut, and Abrasion. Wear it all day, throw it in the wash and be ready to attack the new day.

Patented Technology

Designed for your safety

SWX™ combines a penetration and flame resistant knitted layer in a modified interlock construction. The SWX™ knit creates a tight ribbed fabric with excellent dimensional stability and no seam finishes preventing it from unraveling. SWX™ is uniquely designed for your protection.

Targeted Performance

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Designed to meet your needs

Regardless of the conditions, WORKARMOR gloves deliver unparalleled performance allowing you to get the job done safely.

WorkAmor Glove Specs.png